Editing Reel (2012)


It’s here! My first editing reel since 2009. Luckily I’ve been busy making videos, and suddenly almost three years went by since I compiled clips. So I’m proud to present this new reel for 2012.

It features highlights from work done for clients like theWit Hotel, Playboy (SFW), the IL Environmental Council, Emerald City Theatre Company and Cheeky Chicago; I’ve also got some of my comedy / narrative work here.

Below are credits in more painstaking detail than you could ever want. When I say “edited” that includes all graphics. Any shooting or writing I also did is noted where applicable.

Opening Montage (it moves fast, but in case you wondered):

Lower left: (a) Shedd Aquarium footage (shot and edited for theWit Hotel’s “Witisode” series); (b) previews of clips shown later in the reel: Chelsea Handler Playboy shoot, Joffrey ballet segment, Abstract Ab System, 48 Hour Film Project, Emerald City promo, Rollin’s in the 2-5.

Upper right: (a) A re-cut of Chicago Tourism Bureau footage, cut as a demo reel for theWit Hotel’s SCREEN venue. (b) A preview clip from ROOF Live, shown later.


  • Fusion Networking Series (shot and edited)
  • Wedding (edited; videographer: Mike Hendzel)
  • Top Ten Cheeky Chicks of the Year (shot and edited)
  • Top Chef Season 6 finale viewing party at SCREEN, featuring interview with Season 4 winner Stephanie Izard (shot and edited)
  • “Cheeky Girls Night Out” at Naha, for Cheeky Chicago and 24/7 Chicago on NBC5 (shot and edited)
  • ROOF Live concert series for theWit hotel (edited and shot b-roll; videographer: Lucy Wieczorek)

Corporate / Promotional:

  • Chelsea Handler cover shoot, behind-the-scenes video for Playboy.com SFW (edited)
  • “State of Emergency” – Illinois Environmental Council PSA by Chicago poet MouthPeace (edited)
  • Illinois Environmental Council promo video of affiliate group Faith in Place (edited)
  • Promotional video for City Farm, a project of the Resource Center of Chicago  (edited; videographer: Lucy Wieczorek)
  • “Witisode” for theWit Hotel, featuring the Joffrey Ballet’s rehearsal studios (shot and edited)
  • “If You Give a Cat a Cupcake” show promo for Emerald City Theatre company (edited; director: Tom Hoover; videographer: Kyle Hamman)
  • Educational video for Emerald City Theatre company (edited; director: Tom Hoover; videographer: Kyle Hamman)

Narrative / Comedy:

  • “Rollin’ in the 2-5” music video for The Pawns (shot and edited; written and performed by Mike Przygoda)
  •  “The Twenty-Second Coming” for the 48 Hour Film Project, Chicago 2010 (edited; videographer: Joel Sacramento; 48HFP Team: Guacamole Conspiracy)
  • “Abstract Ab System” informercial parody, featuring Aemilia Scott and Jack Thurston Farrel (edited, co-wrote, co-performed . . . just not in this clip; primary videographer: Aemilia Scott)

So there you have it, three years in three minutes.

What’s not here?

In keeping with the Heisenberg principle of demo reels, this is already as outdated as one would hope. I’ve been doing quite a few video display projects for hotels and trade shows, allowing me to work more in After Effects.  Clips coming soon. I’ve also been cutting multi-cam wedding ceremony shoots, and I’ve found that I love editing weddings. Beyond editing, I’m also producing shoots and writing scripts for a series of environmental education videos I’ll be editing in the next few months. Stay tuned, and thank you for watching!