Wedding/Honeymoon/Old Footage Compilation (A Birthday Gift)

I edited this compilation film as part of a birthday gift to my husband almost a year after our wedding, when we were expecting our first child (spoiler alert). It’s an example of how we can mix professional wedding videography and photography with the couple’s own home videos and pictures to create unique and personal films for any occasion — not just a capsule of the wedding day, but the story of a relationship; not just a wedding video, but a gift tailored to a certain individual.



These days everyone has easily thousands of phone videos, vacation pictures, and silly iPad movies hanging around on hard drives and SD cards. Even with all the consumer editing software out there, most busy people won’t ever make something memorable of out of their footage. Why not turn some of that history over to an editor?

Edited by: Alison Klingler

Photography: Victoria Sprung

Videography: Mike Hendzel