AK Editing Demo Reel

I’m pleased to share my new reel! It’s got all-new material since the last one I made in 2012, (which is still worth watching).


:00 – Wedding Film Clips: 1) Funkadesi plays at City Winery during the wedding reception of one of its band members.  2)  A flower girl awaits her big day. 3)  Bride and groom share a post-ceremony moment.  4) A bride is moved to tears by her soon-to-be-husband’s wedding day letter.  From various creative recaps I’ve edited for Hendzel Productions, with additional editing by Mike Hendzel. Cinematography by Mike and his crew.

:12 – From two Cystic Fibrosis Foundation videos shown at the CFF’s annual Chef’s Gala fundraising event in Chicago: 1) After Effects animated title card. 2) Montages of people living with CF doing their treatments. Produced and filmed by John Klein and directed by Cole Simon for Glass City Films.

:21–  From a promotional video for the opening of the “Little Theatre,” Chicago’s first theatre for audiences ages 0-4. I produced, wrote, directed, edited and made graphics for this for Emerald City Theatre Company. Cinematography by Kyle Hamman. (Yes, #8 is skipped to make room for the “Billie Jean”-inspired yellow brick road crawl. But you can watch the whole thing here).

:29 A CF patient’s awesome service dog (see :12) 

:31 From Social Justice and the Jesuit University, a documentary shown at the 2015 Melbourne conference on expanding Jesuit higher education. Produced by Walking Shadows Productions for Loyola University Chicago.  I co-edited this and created the English and Spanish subtitles with Adobe InDesign. Produced by Shannon Leigh and co-edited by Kirk Sanders. Footage from multiple sources — full video with credits here.

:43 Hora & dance montage (see :00)

:48 Word Cloud Animation and sizzle reel for high-profile real estate broker at happilyeveralways.com. I animated a client-provided Word Cloud in After Effects and edited the reel. Cinematography and direction by Cole Simon for Glass City Films.